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Company Profile

Xuzhou Abah Electronic Technology Ltd. is a big group family enterprise.

Factory located in Wangji Industrial Park,and Linkong Industrial Park,Suining County,Xuzhou City,Jiangsu Province,China.
In Wangji industrial park mainly produce semi trailers, warehouse trucks, container transport vehicles (skeleton vehicles), dump semi trailers, engineering machinery transport vehicles, powder material semi trailers, and high-altitude operations vehicles those heavy duty trailers;stainless steel valves,brass valves;industrial use,civil use PE pipe,HDPE pipes.
In Linkong industrial park mainly produce petrol station spare parts,fuel pumping related spare parts,oil depot spare parts,fuel dispenser,LPG,LNG dispenser etc.

We focus on automobile heavy duty trailer and spare parts.
We focus on petrol machines.

Automobile products are mainly include semi trailers, fuel tanker spare parts,water tanker spare parts,chemical tanker spare parts,dry bulk tanker spare parts,leaf springs, spring steel flat bar, mechanical suspension, air suspension, bogie suspension, air bag, semi trailer axle, landing gear, brake drum, brake shoe, brake lining, mudguard, slack adjuster, air tank, coupling, emergency relay valve, brake hose, turntable, wheel rim, bolts, fifth wheel, king pin, air chamber, twist lock, jack, draw bar and so on.
Petrol parts are mainly include fuel, LPG,LNG dispenser, dispenser auto spare parts, meter unit, pump unit, swivels, couplings, secondary and third vapor recovery accessories, underground fuel transfer HDPE pipe,oil depot valves,flame arresters, fuel transfer pumps etc.

With near 17 years developing,the factories enlarge to 103000㎡,covers two fields .

Come to us,you will witness strength.
Come to us,you will witness quality.
Come to us,you can witness customizing spot of you want.
Come to us,you can realize one step purchasing.


With more than 10 precision production lines, we have an excellent technical and design team to provide you with high quality products with preferential prices. We have obtained good reputation in overseas markets, which helps our clients develop their local market.



 Tel: +86-516-67048904 
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 E-mail: info@abahtech.net
 Address: Wangji Industrial Park, Suining County, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China 221000